About Dr.G

Dr. Ganong is a trumpeter, educator, and technologist

A California native, Derek is highly regarded as both a jazz and classical trumpeter, and has developed a reputation for professionalism and excellence in all areas of music performance and production. Dr. Ganong holds a Doctorate of music in Jazz and Classical trumpet from the University of Miami, as well as a Master of Music in studio music from NYU, and a Bachelor of Arts in Ethnomusicology and computational science from UCLA.

As assistant professor of music at Boise State University, Derek teaches courses in music technology as well as leading the jazz/commercial music area, directing the Boise State Jazz Orchestra, running the Gene Harris Jazz Festival, teaching jazz techniques, jazz improvisation, and teaching applied trumpet. He co-leads a progressive trumpet studio and is on the forefront of trumpet pedagogy, performance, and audiation practice.

As a performer, Dr. G has extensive experience in both the symphonic and commercial realms. While a freelancer in South Florida, Derek was top call for orchestral, chamber, jazz, commercial, and musical theater work. You name it and he has played it! Dr. Ganong has built his career around being able to seamlessly adapt to any style or setting. He can be heard playing the trumpet in all styles, genres, registers, and disciplines across the country.

As a member of NewStream Brass, The Vice City Brass and the Brass Institutes of America, Derek is constantly seeking to push the boundaries of brass performance, chamber music, and pedagogy. Derek is the foremost authority on the trumpet method of the late Laurie Frink, and authored a wildly successful DMA essay covering her methodology. Derek is in high demand as both a teacher and a performer on film scores, game soundtracks, contemporary solo music, jazz, and everything in-between.

Dr. Ganong is committed to the multifaceted nature of the trumpet, and to the ever-broadening scope of professional music careers. His goals include becoming part of a diverse faculty pool, as well as becoming a successful performer, soloist, and chamber musician. Derek is a lifelong learner and conssumate collaborator.



Current Engagements


Yamaha 8310ZSii Bb trumpet with YH and YH-F mouthpiece


Yamaha Chicago GenII with YH Mouthpiece


Kanstul 1510 Bb/A/G with B4LD mouthpiece


Kanstul 1535 sop cornet and Bach Artisan Eb trumpet. B4LD and B6LD mouthpieces


Bach Artistan Eb/D trumpet with YH mouthpiece


Yamaha 631 with 16F4/YH Mouthpiece


Bach 184L with Wick 3B/YH mouthpiece


Yamaha 965 C rotary trumpet with 15E4/YH mouthpiece

Boise Baroque Orchestra

Principal Trumpet

Opera Idaho

Principal Trumpet

Boise Philharmonic

Substitute, pops

Brass Band Treasure Valley

Soprano Cornet

NewStream Brass


Vice City Brass


Brass Institutes USA